Jewelry & Care


All of our Villa 19 jewelry is lead & nickel compliant, meaning it adheres to the set safety regulations about the trace amounts of lead metal that may be in jewelry.  If you have allergies, it will depend on your personal level of severity in regards to an allergic reaction.  For mild metal allergies, we recommend coating your jewelry (specifically any part that touches your skin) with a layer of clear nail polish to create a barrier for your skin.  If at any time you notice any allergies, remove the jewelry immediately and seek medical assistance.


´╗┐´╗┐Protect your jewelry by removing it while in water (showering, bathing, swimming, and hand washing), exercising, and before applying any type of lotion, cream, hair products, or perfume.

Is your jewelry turning green?  Rarely do we receive complaints about our jewelry turning, however, if you notice your jewelry is turning please note it is most likely due to not following the care instructions above and/or your body's pH level.  The higher the level of acidity on your body, the faster the piece of jewelry turns your skin green. Depending on the type of metal in your jewelry, it will react with the acid salts, causing it to oxidize and create the green color on your skin (this primarily happens when sweating due to the acid salts excreted in the sweat).  If you prefer to wear your jewelry while exercising, we recommend coating it with a layer of clear nail polish to create a barrier against the metal touching your skin.